Tassos Boulmetis, 2003, Greece-Turkey, 108′, Certificate: PG

Early 1960s and Fanis, a happy young boy from a quite religious Greek Orthodox family living in Istanbul, learns the secrets and magic of spices from his beloved spice merchant grandfather, whilst falling in love with a Turkish girl. But in 1964, the Greek-Turkish tensions lead to the deportation of Greek families, and Fanis’ is one of them; however, his grandfather decides to stay behind… 35 years later, Fanis is a successful academic living in Athens, and the news of a reunion with his grandfather and, potentially, his first love, reignite his passion for culinary delights- and for life itself.

The highest-grossing Greek film in Greece’s cinematic history, this coming-of-age nostalgia trip is set within a historical background and it is loosely based on writer/director, Tassos Boulmetis’ personal childhood experiences. It is also a culinary travel guide to the tastes and smells of the Greek/Turkish cuisine that will challenge your senses!

Where: The Grove Centre, 2 Jews Walk, Sydenham SE26 6PL
When: 7.30pm Thursday 27th April
Tickets: £5 on the door

This handsome widescreen production about a spice-obsessed Greek professor’s journey to adulthood mixes food, history and family ties very palatably and poetically.” Doris Toumarkine, www.filmjournal.com

“The food metaphors pile up like layers of an overstuffed sandwich(…) the comic moments, many involving spice-related sabotage at the dinner table, are delightful.” Neil Genzlinger, www.nytimes.com

“Conceived with loving care up on the screen like the gourmet delicacies competing with the humans as nearly characters themselves” Prairie Miller, newsblaze.com