Jon Drever, 2015, UK, 82 mins, Certificate: 15

After being hit by a meteor, quiet and reserved postman Robert Kenner is vested with some superhuman powers which make him the world’s very first real superhero. A few years later, and as his job of doing…superheroic stuff becomes a dull routine plagued by bureaucracy, Superbob’s only wish is to get the perfect date with the woman of his dreams…but it won’t be so simple!

Join us for the start of our new season with this very special screening of one of the most recent acclaimed British comedies, featuring some of Britain’s stellar comedy talents, produced by Grain Media, a company based in…Forest Hill (the film itself was mainly shot in Peckham)!

We will be… SUPERexcited (sorry…) to have the film’s director, producer and story creator, Jon Drever, with us on the night, for a very special post-screening Q&A so this is simply unmissable!

Where: The Grove Centre, 2 Jews Walk, SE26 6PL
When: 7.30pm Thursday 29 September
Tickets: £5 on the door/free to members

“[B]y keeping the lid on effects that would be laughed out of Marvel, and focusing instead on a low-key story of the world’s most powerful man on his day off, Jon Drever and Brett Goldstein’s movie taps into the same reserves of warmth and heart that made “Shaun Of The Dead” soar.” Chris Hewitt,

“An inventively witty low-budget British riposte to “Hancock”(…) co-writer and star Brett Goldstein holds it all together very amiably, while Catherine Tate, Natalia Tena and Ruth Sheen provide solidly entertaining support.” Mark Kermode,

“Working within its low budget limitations without ever feeling cheap, this is a light but effective comedy that offers something new in a genre where almost everything has been explored.” James Luxford,